New beginnings


2005-05-21 - 1:05 p.m.

Hello and Welcome.

This diary is the continuation of "my life then, now, and in between: the past, present and future of a woman who had four children."

Most likely you were given this URL because you were reading my other diary and I consider you a friend. I won't have to reiterate my reason for a new one, you already know that the ex husband (and especially his new wife) enjoy hacking into my personal life...if only to annoy me. Most of the time I ignore it, but it would be nice to actually write about some current events without being aware of their presence! However, the seed of suspicion will always be there now. Therefore, I ask you readers not to link to this new diary of mine. (If you want you can link back to erlenweg6, since that will stay open as a decoy!)
You can, however, add me to your buddylist if you like.....just don't make it obvious that I'm erlenweg!
vielen dank.


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